Item Description
Powerquest Partition Magic 8 cd PartitionMagic is a tool for restructuring the contents of your hard drive. It does this by allowing you to create, edit, delete and move partitions, which are the basic elements by which your drive is managed. For example, if you have two drive letters - C and D - but only a single hard drive, then you probably have two separate hard drive partitions. It's the equivalent of dividing up a large room into smaller offices. Why would you want to do this? Perhaps to run different operating systems on the same PC, something that PartitionMagic 8.0 lets you do because it has a boot manager included in the box, so you can choose your preferred operating system when you switch on your PC. Perhaps you want separate partitions for games and applications, so that your work doesn't get in the way of your play (or possibly the other way round). Perhaps you fancy giving Linux a try but don't want to lose your Windows applications just yet.Features:· Organize and protect the information on a hard drive · Easy, step-by-step wizards help with performing partitioning tasks · Preview the effects of partitioning a hard drive before implementing anything · Safely manage multiple operating systems · Partition hard drives as large as 80 GB · Access and partition external USB drives · Undelete a deleted partition from rescue disks · Remotely copy, move, delete, and create partitions across a TCP/IP connection · Create and run scripts to automate common partitioning tasks · Shred partitions to ensure the security of corporate data on retiring hard disks · Convert from one file system or partition type to another without losing data · Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux ext2/Swap file systems · Support for Windows XP ONLYauction is for cd only in paper sleeve with serial numberplease contact me for any questions