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Build in Games Programs in old super Ninetondo. The Power
Player comes with the following games Super Contra * Paper Boy *
World Soccer * Pacman * Aladdin * Ninja II * Tetris II * Super
Mario * Arkanoid * 1942 * Star Force * F1 Race * Popeye * Galaga *
Mighty Bomb Jack * Bird Week * Five Chess * Stargate * Space
Invaders * Mario Bros * Exerion * Road Fighter * Dig Dug I * Twin
Bee * Binary & Land * Door Door * Spartanx * Super Dynamix *
Wild Gunman * Ninja I * Super Arabian * Helicopter * Donkey Kong 3
* Load Runner II * Front Line * Antarctic * Sky Destroyer * Balloon
Fight * Millipede * Circus Chambie * Golf * Clu Clu Land * Desert
Tank * Combat * Baseball * Urban Champian * Macross * Milk &
Nuts * Slalom * Speed Tank * Elevator * Brush Roll * Ice Climber *
Hogan's Alley * Burger Time * Zippy Race * Calculator * Clay
Shooting * Toy Story * Tennis * Pin Ball * Lunar Ball * Monkey *
Sqoon * Pooyan * Joust * Duck Hunt * Gyrodine * Excite Bike *
Formation II * Painter * Mappy * King of Fighter * Tekken * WWF *
Bomber Man * Magic Jewelry * Devil World etc...
Compact and lightweight Works on AC adapter (included) or 4 AA
batteries for portable use in vehicle or at campsite Use your
minivan's rear seat video... a great way to entertain the kids on
those long car trips! No need for separate game console Easy to
hook up Nintendo-style primary controller plugs directly into your
TV set or VCR Includes second player controller for two-person play
Includes pistol "laser gun" for real arcade action (works with
several different games) Suitable for ages 4 and up A great
Birthday or Holiday gift Hours and hours of fun for the price you'd
expect to pay for just two game cartridges Lots of Your Favorite
Games Built In!!! The Wireless Power Player Game Is Great For Kids
To Adults. Wireless Power Player 3.5 video game comes with 120
games built-in and creates 1000s of ways to play.
This USA American ( NTSC ) English version arcade style Power
Player TV game console is loaded with the most popular arcade
games. The graphics are identical to the games you would play in an
arcade game console. With this Power Player, you don't need to buy
cartridges or CD games any more. It gives you great entertainment.
It's very easy to setup. Power Player has lots of full length
favorite Arcade games built in (on a super large chip built in the
controller). Includes 2 controllers, a light gun, AC power adapter
and RCA cables