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Our product is considered a Health Band because it improves general health conditions.

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iPower Health Bands use a state-of-the-art holographic technology using hologram discs that are embedded with frequencies which may help to:

Improve Balance, Improve Strength, Improve Coordination, Prolong Endurance,
Improve Flexibility, Enhance Energy Flow, Decrease inflammation, Reduce Joint Pain

The hologram discs in iPower Health Bands are embedded with a range of frequencies that communicate with the meridians of your body and can help promote a more balanced, rhythmic and healthy body.

iPower Health Bands uses a new technology based upon the combination of energetic and informational frequency balancing. This technology communicates with the meridians of the body which may provide a variety of health benefits.

Our new generation of hologram discs which have been embedded with frequencies can help balance your body to its most ideal levels. The therapy system we use embeds the hologram discs with an energetic frequency using light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. This new bio energetics therapy can help the human body by frequency balancing based on informational feedback from the client wearing the iPower Health Band. The broadcasting of these frequencies across the meridians of the human body has shown to provide some incredible benefits.

iPower Health Bands are also safe to wear for water sports and showering
Available in 3 sizes: Small 6 inches - Medium 7 inches ? Larges 8 inches

Please Note: Approximately 5% of the population may feel an initial lethargic effect when first wearing the iPower Health Band. This will typically last 48-72 hours as the body begins to detoxify. Following this response will be a feeling of rejuvenation as the body realigns and re balances to a more natural state of well being .
The iPower Health Band is a product of Inner Health Concepts