Item Description
Some great, classic Portland Wrestling action here from the wild and crazy Pacific Northwest! These discs are from 1985 and 1991. You will see the build up to and the celebration of 60 years of wrestling in Portland by the Owens family (the biggest “supercard” ever put on in Portland) on disc 1 & 2 and on disc 3, fast forward to the last days of the promotion on TV with the final four episodes of Portland Wrestling!

Throughout you will see such greats as Billy Jack Haynes, Ric Flair, The Grappler, Rowdy Roddy Piper (who returns to say goodbye to Portland), Crush (Brian Adams), Playboy Buddy Rose, Brickhouse Brown, Matt Borne, Mean Mike Miller, Ron & Don Harris, John Rambo, Al Madril, Steve Doll, CW Bergstrom and matches featuring The Road Warriors, Curt Hennig, Rick Martel, Flair, Sgt Slaughter and more doing battle in Portland!!!! Hosted by dapper Don Coss and featuring commercials and appearances from Portland’s #1 furniture king Tom Peterson!!!

7+ hours of rare, kick-butt Portland Wrestling! Quality is good to great (disc 2 is lesser quality than 1 and 3, but still watchable). NO WWE! In sleeves, no art. $2 shipping in US. Inquire about foreign rates. Good luck rassling fans!!!
Portland Disc One – 60th anniversary of Portland Wrestling build-up show – 12/13/85: Jerry Grey vs Ricky Vaughan/ Bobby Jaggers promo / Billy Jack Haynes Quest For the NWA title segment / Billy jack Haynes music video/ Ric Flair sends a video message to Billy Jack / Buddy Rose promo / Buddy Rose vs Steve Simpson/ Billy Jack Haynes vs Diamond Timothy Flowers mean Mike Miller promo on Rick Martel/ Mean Mike Miller vs Rocky Ventura (2 out of 3 falls) / Portland Trailblazer Mychal Thompson visits Portland wrestling / Don Coss hypes the 60th anniversary card
Portland Disc Two - 60th anniversary of Portland Wrestling Card plus bonus matches – Matt Borne & Budd Rose vs Assassin & Rip Oliver / Buddy Rose vs Rocky Ventura / Mike Miller vs Jerry Grey/ Longer but lesser quality replay of the 60th anniversary buildup show / Portland 60th anniversary card: Don Coss welcome / Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Playboy Buddy Rose / Kendo Nagasaki vs. Sgt. Slaughter / Tom Peterson interview/ Tag Team Championship: The Road Warriors ( w/Paul Ellering) vs. Larry “The Axe” Hennig and Curt Hennig / Rick Martel vs. “Mean” Mike Miller / World Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Billy Jack Haynes (awesome match) and more!

Portland Disc Three -- The Last Days of the Territory Dec. 1991 – John Rambo vs Dirty White Boy/ Ron & Don Harris promo / Brickhouse Brown & Billy Jack Haynes confrontation / Mean Mike Miller vs Jesse Barr / Brickhouse Brown promo / Mike Miller promo / Bruise Bros vs Grappler & Steve Doll / Al Madril vs Mike Winger / Doll & Grappler promo / Don Coss announces the end of Portland Wrestling on TV after 40 years / Al Madril’s Fiesta Garden / Jesse Barr & Brickhouse Brown vs Billy Jack Haynes & Mike Miller/John Rambo vs Moondog Moretti / Grappler promo / Buddy Rose vs CW Bergstrom / Doll promo / Demolition Crush returns to Portland / Al Madril vs the Grappler/ Fiesta Garden / Grappler promo / Jesse Barr promo / Mike Miller promo / Brickhouse Brown brawls with Miller / John Rambo & Mike Winger vs Bruise Bros / Bruise Bros promo / Buddy Rose promo / Rose Garden segment with Crush & Buddy Rose / Final episode of Portland Wrestling: Roddy Piper returns to Portland! / Piper salutes Don Owens and bashes the TV station for cancelling PNW (great segment!) / Steve Doll & The Grappler vs Moondog Moretti & Dirty White Boy / Grappler & Doll promo / Buddy Rose vs Crush for the title / Rose promo / Program sponsor Tom Peterson gets an award/ Bruise Bros promo / Al Madril’s Fiesta Garden / Madril vs Jesse Barr/ Brickhouse Brown vs Mike Miller / Don Coss & The Grappler bid farewell and much more!