Item Description
The Smallest Oil Vaporizer in the market, Portable Personal OIL Vaporizer
•Heats up in seconds
•Ultra-portable & Small 6" Long
•Automatically shuts off after 15 seconds
•Includes USB & AC Charger (110v - 220v)
•Long Lasting Battery (lithium-ion)
•Two Mouthpiece refillable tanks , for OIL Concentrate
•Wall Adapter
•USB Cable Charger
•User Instruction Manual
VaPen Portable OIL Vaporizer

The VaPen vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers available in the market. It's six inches long (with mouth piece) and battery powered, and can be charged with the included USB cable either by your computer (perfect when on the go) or via the included wall adapter.

The minimum temperature that the VaPen starts at, is 350F and the maximum temperature of 400F in just 10 second.
To begin using the VaPen, fill up the oil tank and put the cap on, insert into the cover, hold the power button down for five seconds to activate the heating element. With the power button still held down, draw lightly on the rubber mouthpiece for 3-7 seconds. The VaPen turns off the heating element after 15 seconds automatically.
The VaPen uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and when the battery is low the power button will flash if you hold it down. Recharging almost takes 2 hours for a complete charge and during charge a blue LED indicator on the VaPen stays on and when the battery is completely charged. For Safety reason, by pressing 3-4 times none stop the on/off switch it gets locked or unlocked. By filling up the OIL Concentrate tank , you can easily start using this high quality vaporizer.