Item Information
Condition Bran New
Threading 510
Estimated Shipping 5 - 10 Days
Item Description
Portable Personal Vaporizer
For Herb or Oil (two seperate cartridges)
•One Ultra-portable sleek design Vaporizer body

•Two Tips
•Heating Element Chamber
•Oil/Wax Tank for liquid/wax vaporizing (newest design)
•Two Cleaning Brush Tools
•One Packing Tool
•One Wall Adapter 110v - 220v
•One USB Cable Charger
•Carrying pouch
•One User Instruction Manual

Two different Cartridges and both can be easily be disconnected from the base and cleaned.

The latest design of its own.

It's battery powered, and can be re-charged with the included USB cable either by your computer (perfect when on the go) or via the included wall adapter.

This Vaporizer uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and when the battery is low the power button will flash if you hold it down. Recharging almost takes 2 hours for a complete charge and during charge a red LED indicator on the charger stays on.