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Port Charles On Dvd Is Here At Last
In 1997, General Hospital decided to decided to spin off a new 30 minute show from GH called Port Charles.. It aired from 1997 to 2003. After Port Charles ended in 2003, i was dissapointed that I would not be able to see the show again. Well after alot of time and effort, i have acquired most of the episodes that aired from 2001 to 2003. Now I am offering such a wonderful show to other people who might want to enjoy it.

Even though I am a new seller on here, I am offering dvds of great quality and audio. I wont be selling anything that has been copied and copied and looks horrible.. I only sell the best , otherwise I would not be selling it. Below is all the info you will need to know about Port Charles on how the sets I sell are arranged. Thanks for checking out my sales. Please feel free to message me on here if you have any questions. Thankyou
Port Charles is a daytime soap opera which aired on ABC from June 2 , 1997 to October 3 , 2003 . It is a spin-off of the popular serial General Hospital , which has been running since 1963 and takes place in the fictional New York city of Port Charles . The new show featured longtime General Hospital characters Lucy Coe , Kevin Collins , Scott Baldwin and Karen Wexler , along with several new characters, most of whom were interns in a competitive medical school program. In the first episode, tenured nurse Audrey Hardy (General Hospital's longest-running character, portrayed by Rachel Ames ) was injured and an intern had to operate on her with a power drill to save her life. In the first few years, Port Charles got a reputation for focusing most of its energies on the medical school program, setting more of its main action at Port Charles's General Hospital than was seen on the parent show, General Hospital. As it evolved, it turned its focus to stories with gothic intrigue that included themes such as forbidden love, vampires , and life after death. It also abandoned the basic open-ended writing style used on all other daytime dramas in December 2000, instead creating thirteen-week story arcs (which were also referred to as "books"). This type of storytelling is a staple of Spanish telenovelas . It also allowed the cast, crew, and writing staff to only work six months out of the year.
Port Charles: " Time In A Bottle “

March 5, 2001 – June 1, 2001 "

Lucy and Kevin spend the night together. Karen phones from Tennessee to check in on Frank and is pleased when he confides that she's been on his mind all evening. Maya secretly slips Morca into Ian and Eve's drinks to help them relive their past and to confirm their belief that they have loved one another throughout eternity. In their shared dream, the couple travels back in time and imagine themselves as an artist and his headstrong model in the Paris of the early 1800's. An irate neighbor complains to Lucy about Sigmund biting his dog but Kevin gets the worst of the argument when the man hauls off and punches him in the nose. Later, Lucy receives her divorce papers from Scott and admits to Kevin how much she regrets the way she's messed up her life for so long. Karen and Frank steam up the phone lines during a late night chat. Maya's husband warns her that she gave their guests too strong a dose of morca. Frank is puzzled when "Nellie" suddenly springs to life.
I can supply a more detailed desciption of episodes if you need one.

1. Comes on 13 dvds in paper sleeves.
2. 65 30minute episodes.
3. Great video and audio.
3. Opening and closing credits intact.
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