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Polymer Technologies

set of 4: non-scratch jacking pads


In this picture, you can see slight grooves in the circumference of the jacking pads.  This is from the CNC machine, and helps *grab* hold of the frame of your vehicle, and the cradle of your hydraulic jack.




FITMENT GUIDE:  part # PT-008



GUARANTEED FITMENT for the following Porsche's:

ALL Boxster & Boxster S (986 & 987 body, 1996+)
ALL Cayman & Cayman S (987 body, 2006+)
911 (964, 996 & 997 body: 1989+)


PT #008 jacking pads are anticipated to fit most all modern Porsche's which utilize a "capsule" shape factory jacking point.  Please contact me to confirm proper fitment.




PT #008 jacking pads will ALSO fit ...


1997 - 2004 C5 Corvette

FRC - Coupe - Convertible - Z06

~ plus ~

2005 - 2011 C6 Corvette (except Z06 & ZR1)

Coupe - Convertible - Grand Sport

~ plus ~

Saturn Sky & Pontiac Solstice (inquire)







Polymer Technologies jacking pads allow you to jack up your Corvette or Porsche at proper, factory jacking points ... allowing you to change a tire / wheel, detail your vehicle, install modifications, and service your vehicle. 


No matter where you get your vehicle serviced (dealer, independent specialist, or other facility), MAKE SURE you have a set of FOUR pads ... and MAKE SURE your dealer uses non-scratch, polymer pads ... not the big metal claws utilized on dealer floor lifts.


Polymer Technologies jacking pads are GUARANTEED non-scratch, and will not marr your baby's paint or frame!


Polymer Technologies jacking pads are manufactured (patent pending) on a CNC machine, to exceed OEM specifications.


Weighing in at less than 3 ounces each, you can even store one in your DRAG, RALLYE or AUTOCROSS CAR!


Polymer Technologies jacking pads are designed to work on stock-height, and most lowered vehicles listed in the fitment guide (above).


Polymer Technologies jacking pads are designed to work with consumer and professional floor jacks ... as well as hydraulic lifts used at dealerships and service facilities.


Don't risk a flat tire / jacking disasater on the road ... ROADSIDE SERVICE does not have the capability of properly lifting your baby.  Each jacking pad weighs a mere 3 ounces, and fits in your glovebox or rear storage compartment.  Simply insert in the slot by the arrow, then twist 90 degrees:




Plastic pads break under pressure.

Delrin and Acrylic pads  will scratch your paint.

Aluminum pads are weak and will scratch your paint.

Steel pads are heavy and will scratch your paint.

Ice Hockey pucks with metal hardware store screws can scratch your paint.

Ice Hockey pucks have no tensile strength, and  will break.

It's not a matter of IF a rubber hockey puck will fail, it's a matter of WHEN!

Why take a chance?  Why risk damage or injury?




Polymer Technologies jacking pads are  20 TIMES STRONGER than rubber !

Polymer Technologies jacking pads are engineered to be scratch-free !

Polymer Technologies jacking pads are made in the USA !



RETAIL: $94.95

iOffer: $69.95



Most Porsche's use jacking pad #PT-008

C5 Corvette (Coupe, FRC, Convertible & Z06) uses jacking pad #PT-008

C6 Corvette (Coupe, Convertible & Grand Sport) uses jacking pad #PT-008

Saturn Sky & Pontiac Solstice utilize a modified version of  #PT-008 (inquire)

C6 Z06 & C6 ZR1 Corvettes use jacking pad #PT- 009

see my other auctions for #PT -009 jacking pads



This auction is for  four pads (#PT- 008).

Single jacking pad available for $19.95 ... two jacking pads available for $39.80 (inquire).




Jacking pads & plates for BMW and Mercedes are currently in development.

Contact me if your vehicle is not listed.






Polymer Technologies

Jack-Pad Installation & Use Instructions


Corvette: C5, C5 Z06, & C6 Jack-Pads            #PT-008

Porsche Jack-Pads                                       #PT-008

Corvette: C6 Z06 & C6 ZR1                            #PT- 00 9



Unlike generic jack-pads that are designed to be inserted into your jack, there is no need to hunt and find the OEM lift points with your jack handle (sometimes called ?needle in the haystack syndrome.?)   Polymer Technologies jack-pads allow you to properly locate the OEM lift points visually, then insert the pads by hand.   Polymer Technologies jack-pads are designed to be inserted into factory lift-points, then twisted 90 degrees (1/4 turn).   From there, refer to your automobile manufacturer?s jacking instructions, and place appropriate hydraulic jack under the jack-pad.  


The jack-pad is designed to be lifted by the ?cradle? of your hydraulic jack.   In some instances where vehicles have been significantly lowered, users have removed the jack ?cradle?, to provide more clearance to get their jack under the vehicle.


Some users have used a permanent marker on the bottom of the pad, to indicate the direction / location of the ?alignment ears? ? which can aide in the removal of the pads, when jacking has been completed.










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