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The complete Porridge + Porridge The Movie + Going Straight. 28
eps in all including the Pilot episode and Christmas specials. This
excellent series ran from a pilot episode in 1973 through to 1978
starring the great Ronnie Barker with other notable actors like
Richard Beckinsale, Sam Kelly, Fulton MacKey and Brian Wilde (Foggy
of Last Of The Summer Wine fame).
Be advised these are not DVD format discs but
data DVD-R's of avi/divx files that require a compatible player and
the video may (or may not) suffer some quality loss on giant TV
screens larger than 32 inches or so depending on the quality of the
files. the individual TV and quality of your disc player. AVI/DIVX
files are intended for use on a Windows OS PC or MAC with free open
source viewing software like VLC Player or DivX Player.
Whether or not your DVD player plays these files is not my
responsibility. All discs are high quality Taiyo-Yuden
with contents printed directly onto them.