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Porgy and Bess 
  Porgy (Sidney Poitier) is a
crippled man living in the shantytown of Catfish Row who has fallen
in love with Bess (Dorothy Dandridge), a beautiful but troubled
woman addicted to drugs. Bess is already being courted by several
men, including Crown (Brock Peters), a muscular laborer, and
Sportin' Life (Sammy Davis, Jr.), a sharp-suited hipster who deals
Crown gets in a fist fight with Robbins (Joel Fluellen) and
ends up killing him; Crown goes on the lam, and Bess, needing
companionship, takes up with Porgy. However, Crown soon returns,
and Porgy kills him in a subsequent altercation, forcing him to
hide from the police. Meanwhile, the fickle Bess follows Sportin'
Life in search of the bright lights of New York City.
Pearl Bailey, Diahann Carroll, Ivan Dixon, and Clarence Muse
also highlight the cast; Robert McFerrin provided the singing voice
of Porgy, and Adele Addison dubbed in Bess' musical numbers.
Starring: Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Sammy Davis,