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How can I lose weight?
If you are looking for a way to lose weight in a natural
way the
super slim pomegranate pills
are one inexpensive alternative for you. These diet pills
are all natural, made from plant extracts and have the reputation
of being one of the most popular weight loss pills available
without prescription. The super slim pomegranate pills are a quick
weight loss product with no artificial ingredients, which uses the
extracts of the following plants and fruits:
koncing nut, apple, kiwi, Teng Huang fruit, Jerusalem
artichoke, sweet potato and giantarum.
These fruits are well known from hundreds of years ago for
their weight loss properties and
beautification. Using the
advantages of modern technology, extracts from these plants and
fruits were combined to create the super slim pomegranate pills
which will help in losing weight fast and natural. Let's see how
each ingredient helps you lose weight and stay slim.
Pomegranate extract -
research studys show that pomegranate fruit is a powerful
antioxidants which help in atherosclerosis (clogged arteries),
heart attacks and strokes, prostate cancer. The pomegranates
extract will supress hunger for individuals who consume high-fat
diets. The super slim pomegranate pills do not contain pomegranate
extract but contains ingredients that work in the same direction
like pomegranate extract.
Apple extract - will
block the glucose turning into fat and also will reduce the energy
Koncing nut
is a well known for its properties in dissolving the body
fat, accelerating the metabolism and inhibating the absorbtion of
post-meal fat.
Kiwi extract - a good
source of dietary fiber, the kiwi exctract found in super slim
pomegranate pills will fill you up and filling you up and suppress
your appetite. Dietary fiber is known to reduce cholesterol levels,
which may reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack.
Sweet potato, giantarum and jerusalem artichoke
extracts - will increase the potency of the
other extracts, helping you lose weight faster.
The most significant characteristics of super slim
pomegranate pills are:
Contains natural plant extracts;
Reduces fat by consuming the body fat and by suppressing the
Offers visible results in short period of times.
Super slim pomegranate pills
Super slim pomegranate pills stops the assimilation of
fatty acids from your diet plan, therefore decreasing the amount of
intake calores. Reducing the body fat, stoping the assimilation of
fats and suppressing the hunger a person will lose weight in short
periods of time. Super slim pomegranate pills seem to avoid the
start of diebetes type 2, probably because of weight reduction.
Super slim pomegranate pills work by inhibating gastric and
pancreatic lipases, the enzymes that brake down triglycerides in
the intestinal tract. When the lipase action is stoped,
tryglycerides from your diet are not hydrolyzed into absorbable
free fats and therfoure go pass undigested.
Super slim pomegranate pills work excellent for persons that
want to lose weight, especially belly fat.
Take one capsule of super slim
pomegranate pills a day 30 minutes before breakfast with a big
glass of water. It work by ridding the body excess fat
around stomach, butt and thighs. The great thing about super slim
pomegranate pills is its single daily dosage that provides results
in short period of times.
Super slim pomegranate pills
efficacyThe amount of
weight loss accomplished with these diet pills can very. It all
depends on the size and age of the person.
Although result of losing 35 pounds in one month
have happend, an average person will lose around 15-20 pounds
during one month period of time.
Super slim pomegranate pills
side effectsThe main side
effects of super slim pomegranate pills are
gastrointestinal-related, and can include steatorrhea , fecal
incontinence and regular or urgent using the bathroom. Avoid meal
ritch in fats in order to reduce this simptoms. Other side effects
can be: Lack Of hunger, slight shaking, dry mouth, elevated heart
rate, trouble sleeping, dizzyness.
Is not recommended to take more than
one capsule of super slim pomegranate pills per day! Also is not
recommended to consume alcohol 24 hours after you have taken this
diet pill.