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Up All Night 1987 NBC TV Special It starts with them on stage singing a sweaty encore of "Jump For Your Love". Anita, June, and Ruth make their way backstage and start changing out of their costumes and talking to each other about going out after the show. One of the sisters needs a little coaxing. One of them throws in a cassette of "I'm So Excited" and convinces her it will be fun. They hop into a Cadillac or something with the top down and scream off into the night.They walk into a few nightclubs and end up giving impromptu performances. They meet up with Bruce Willis and sing a song Walk into a lounge and sing some old Andrew Sisters tribute. Find their way into a church and sing some gospel, "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and reminisce on growing up in the church. Go to an amusement park and sing a medley of their hits "Automatic", "Dare Me", "Twist My Arm", "Neutron Dance" in a carousel, house of mirrors and bumper cars. At the end of the night they make their way to a retro diner where Whoopi Goldberg is waiting their table, and they lipsync to The Temptations "I Can't Get Next To You" on the jukebox. When they are finally calling it a night and leaving the diner, they find their sweet ride was stolen! They decide to walk together and join in singing "I Need You" to build their spirits.