Item Description
Cameron Mathison All My Children's professional sperm
ARE YOU A SLUT? From virgins to the 100 club, what your
number of sex partners says about you
NUDE Discovery: Bad boy Larry Serrahn
NUDE Sizzling Ski Hunks
Centerfold Czech Out with Oliver Kaposi
NUDE Hot Young Hunk Kevin Wynne
Real Men are Alexander Ivakhnenko, Sante Mancini, Erik Kuhn,
Eugene Valencia Jr., Harald Glinka, Mario Ramirez, Richard Smith,
Todd Long, Stephen Dunne, and John Anton "Tony" Jensen
Real Men of the Month  is Sante Mancini
All of my issues are in Good to Very Good condition, sometimes
Excellent, with the centerfold intact.  Best quality is sold
first and I will note if there are any smudges or major damage,
creases, etc.