Item Description
Parts 1 & 2 - Two
linked plays about life in a colliery community featuring a quartet
of northern club comedians in starring roles - Bobby Knutt, Duggie
Brown, Jackie Shinn and Stan 'Seth Armstrong' Richards.
Meet the People is a comic piece taking in the build-up to a
visit by Prince Charles to the fictional Milton colliery near
Sheffield. The pit managers schedule much repainting of buildings,
planting of trees and grassing of the unsightly muckstack, while
the miners, led by Knutt as Sid Storey, debate the rights and
wrongs of splashing out so much for a royal visit. A pivotal scene
in a working men's club has Sid squaring up to a pit deputy over
attitudes to royalty
Comes on Clear disc in Plastic Wallet , never been released
commercially !!!!!!