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ZBrush 3.5 aims to bring you creative freedom and an end to technical constraints. With new features like ZSpheres II, ZSketch, Quick Sketch, Surface Noise, Planar brushes and many other new enhancements, your art will reach a whole new level.
With this new version, we have refined and added to ZBrush's already exceptional toolset, improving the natural traditional media feel that ZBrush is famous for. We've made it easier than ever for you to create organic characters, mechanical objects, environments or product designs. If you are an illustrator, VFX or video game artist, product designer or just a hobbyist passionate about 3D, ZBrush is for you!
We invite you to discover the main new additions to ZBrush 3.5 - enhancements that are the foundation for the upcoming ZBrush 4! In addition, both versions are free upgrades for all registered ZBrush users

ZBrush Artist: Damien Canderle

Sketch your mind!
With ZBrush 3.5, create at the speed of light with new sketching features:
QuickSketch allows you to draw your thoughts and ideas in 2D in a simple and elegant way to rough them out so that you can quickly find the best approach and move forward. ZSketch, combined with the improved ZSpheres II, adds the ability to freely create directly in 3D space, sculpting shapes and forms that you could previously only dream of.
In addition, editing your ZSketch is as easy as manipulating a simple skeleton. The variation of poses, forms, and deformations is endless!

ZBrush Artist: Joel Mongeon

Surface Noise
With the new Surface Noise feature, you can apply a procedural noise to your creations, driven by simple parameters and curves for easy customization. By default, this noise is applied globally to your object in a non-destructive way, allowing you to change it at any time or even remove it. With a single click, you can apply it to your model as geometry that can be sculpted. It can also be a mix of different noises, blended together with the help of ZBrush's powerful masks.
Noise is also available as a brush setting, which means that you will be able to add this noise to any of your ZBrush sculpting brushes! To make your work even easier, several new Noise brushes have been added as presets, mixing traditional brush settings with the new Noise functions.

Geometry HD, improved Displacement and Normal Maps
With the improved HD Geometry, which now supports PolyPainting, your sculpting can have as much fine detailing, as you want – up to 1 billion polygons! Then when you have finished sculpting and painting, use the new improved Displacement and Normal map export features. With built-in HD Geometry support, it’s a snap to take all that amazing detail out of ZBrush for use in your favorite rendering engine.
The Displacement and Normal Map creation tools are now natively integrated into ZBrush within the Tool Palette, so there is no need for additional plug-ins. Export your Displacement maps in 32-bits, display them in real-time on your model, generate ultra-accurate normal maps and as with texture maps, apply them to each individual SubTool!

ZBrush Artist: Ty Shelton
ZBrush Artist: Jeff Feligno

Discover a new world with Hard Sculpting
Already popular for its organic capabilities, ZBrush is now opening the door to mechanical sculpting. Create weapons and armor, vehicles or robots, jewelry, product designs... if you can imagine it, there are tools to help you create it!
With features like the new set of brushes (including Trim, Polish and Planar), combined with the new Remesh option to create Boolean-like objects, new Auto Masking functions based on polygroups, improved Lazy Mouse with Backtrack feature, you will be able to make accurate planar surfaces on your models. But these are also free form, following the curves of your imagination.
The combination of these new features enables you to build a near infinite array of brushes, which will perfectly suit all your sculpting needs. To help you get going even faster in your new mechanical world, ZBrush provides several new-dedicated hard-surface brushes by default, or to load at will!

ZBrush Artist: Joel Mongeon

Improve Your Sculpting with New Brushes and Settings
With this new update, ZBrush gives you more flexibility in your sculpting through several new brushes: ClayFinish, Crumple, Flakes, FormBrush, FormSoft, SoftClay, SoftConcrete, Move2, MoveRing, Slide, Spherical – in addition to all the new Noise, Polish, Trim and Planar Brushes!
Beyond simply adding new brushes, several new settings have been created, such as Brush Embed, Brush Depth, Angle masking, Stabilization, Tilting and more. These will let you change the shape of the brush itself from a sphere, letting you flatten the top, bottom, or both. With the help of an interactive widget, you can dynamically change these settings to add more flexibility and power to your sculpting.
Add some noise, change the Lazy Mouse mode, load an alpha, change the brush Depth... just imagine the possibilities with these features that make it easier than ever to add eye-popping detail to your creations!

ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust

Ergonomic and Model Display Improvements
ZBrush 3.5 does not just bring you new sculpting features; it also improves your working comfort. Perspective has been improved, a floor grid has been added, mouse navigation now supports right clicking, and several palettes have been reorganized. Even the display of your model has changed with new deep shadows to provide a better feel for depth and details. On top of these enhancements, there is improved pen tablet pressure sensitivity. You may find sculpting to be addictive, and will certainly enjoy increased productivity!
Improving production also means better organization. ZBrush 3.5 introduces a preview version of LightBox, which will be the hub of your creative content in the upcoming ZBrush 4. Easily browse your ZTools, Brushes, Alphas and Textures. Imagine: all your content, instantly available and integrated directly inside ZBrush

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