Item Description
Pink Metallic Rhinestone Dog Collar With Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals.Five crystals in the front of the collar with a bone shaped rhinestone bow shaped buckle.Fashion collectionSize 10Collar is finished off on both sides with the stitching going all the way through both sides which makes for a better quality collar.The metallic is very shiny.The rhinestones are a very high quality and not the cheap rhinestones that you find on cheaper type collars.  They are very clear and sparkly.There is a d ring to hang an identification ring.  Getting the correct collar for your pet can be a problem. Too loose and the dog will slip out. Too tight and it will make the dog uncomfortable. An easy way to measure your pet for the correct size:Take a piece of string and wrap it around the dogs neck keeping your finger where the loop meets. Measure the string and add two inches, this is the size you need to purchase for your pet. Most collars go in two inch increments eg "12", "14", "16", "18", "20" and so on. In even sizes. If your measurement is an odd number eg. "13", "15" and so on, get the next size up. It is alway better to be a little loose rather than too tight.All of our collars are new unless noted otherwise.Thank you for visiting us! We appreciate your visit and business! Be sure to bookmark our site now! Please tell your friends about our site!We will be continuing to add new products constantly!Priority mail shipping.