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PINGU DVD Lot of 10 Titles 52 Episodes BRAND NEW SEALED



Lot of 10 DVDs (52 Episodes)


This lot contains the following titles:

  • Party With Pingu
  • Pingu's Funny Stories
  • Play Pretend With Pingu
  • Pingu Sweetheart Stories
  • More Adventures of Pingu
  • Pingu's Coolest Deeds
  • Pingu Builds an Igloo
  • Pingu Surfing On The Ice
  • Pingu's Big Trip
  • Pingu And The Toy

Product information



  • Multi-region DVD
  • 100% ORIGINAL ITEM!!!

  • Brand new and SEALED!



Payment methods accepted:


  • Paypal only


Shipping and handling:

  • We offer 3 shipping methods:
    • With DVD pouch: $15.00 -- This method is cheaper since its lighter. We remove the DVD case and store the DVDs into a special DVD pouch. Inlays are shipped out together with the DVDs.
    • With Case: $30.00 -- Item is shipped out in the DVD cases, factory sealed.
  • We will send an invoice wherein you can choose which shipping method to avail.
  • Delivery Time Normally Takes 10 to 15 business days only.
  • Shipping insurance is provided for FREE!



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