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Pinfire RevolversExplained(Downloadable Ebook)  You are purchasing an E-book (electronic downloadable book). This e-book is instantly downloadable here : can download it into your hard drive, and run it at once.You are bidding for a password  that will allow you to open and read this e-book The password will be delivered by email upon your payment through Paypal. The Greatest list of E-BOOKS on firearms : http://www.hlebooks.comHow to use our e-books ?  Technical notes about our ebooks- They cannot be read into Mac computers unless a PC compatible Window emulator is installed.- They must be copied into the PC hard disk. Each PC requires a specific password.- Once installed, and readable after entering the password, they can be printed with regular PC printers.- Registered users that experience a hard disk failure, or who purchase a new PC, can obtain a new password for a flat fee of $4.00 Ebook's Content  Dismounting an open-frame pinfire revolver (I)- Generalities about pinfire revolvers- Removal of the ejection rod- Removal of the barrelDismounting an open-frame pinfire revolver (II)- Removal of the cylinder- Dismounting of the loading gate- Removal of the trigger guard and trigger spring- Removal of the cylinder arbor and friction springDismounting an open-frame pinfire revolver (III)- Access to the mainspring- Dismounting of the hammer- Dismounting of the trigger assembly- Reassembly tipsFunctioning of an open-frame pinfire revolver- Cartridge loading- Vintage 9mm pinfire cartridges- Firing in double action mode- Firing in single action mode- Cylinder rotation- Cylinder stop- Front and rear sight- No safety system availableOpen-frame pinfire revolver of large caliber- Various types of 12mm pinfire cartridges- Structural flaw of the open-frame design- Removal of the mainspringInnovative open-frame pinfire revolver by Maurice Arendt (I)- Loading gate of unusual design- Hammer with narrow head- Unusual cylinder stop abutments- Safety lever on the front grip strapInnovative open-frame pinfire revolver by Maurice Arendt (II)- Unusual cylinder arbor leaf spring- Counterbored chambers- Dual ignition system- Functioning of the Arendt grip safety- Other safety by Maurice ArendtFirst step toward the solid-frame construction- Semi solid-frame pinfire revolver- Dismounting of the barrel- Protecting shield- Integral front and rear sights- Top strap integral with the barrelSolid-frame pinfire revolver in 7mm caliber- Design without pivoting loading gate- Dismounting of the cylinder- Internal mechanism- Eugène Lefaucheux folding triggerModified solid-frame pinfire revolver of English design (I)- Initially fitted with longer barrel and grip- Dismounting of the ejector rod- Dismounting of the cylinder- Access to the mainspring- Adams construction of the gripModified solid-frame pinfire revolver of English design (II)- Dismounting of the hammer and safety- Dismounting of the trigger assembly- Dismounting of the V shaped mainspringModified solid-frame pinfire revolver of English design (III)- The hammer safety explained- Detailed functioning of the hammer safety- Other models with the same type of safetyCurrent prices of pinfire civilian revolversHow to revive your vintage pinfire handgunsEbook screen prints Shipping and Payment Terms : This ebook is downloaded directly into your PC hard drive. There is no shipping cost.You pay through PAYPAL using email address : pro1258@skynet.beCash or money order (Western Union only) are also accepted.