Item Description
The Phantom Digital Vaporizer is an
elegant and effective vaporizer created by Fuji Technology,
The temperature on the Phantom Vaporizer
ranges between 100 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After the valve
balloon is filled it can be completely detached and used
independently from the vaporizer and inhaled and passed around with
ease. Precision electronic air temperature control and reliability
previously unreachable in competing products have given the Phantom
Vaporizer the rating of most technologically advanced professional
herbal vaporizer available in the World today. The Phantom
Vaporizer can be used as an herbal vaporizer as a safer alternative
to smoking. And with 3 to 4 times efficiency of greater delivery of
active ingredients when compared with smoking, an investment in the
Phantom Vaporizer will pay for itself. 
Vent Balloon Delivery Device: 
The Phantom Digital Vaporizer gives the
user the best possible vaporizing experience that allows them to
enjoy the beautiful aroma of the blend used, which can be anything
from tobacco to other herbal blends. The vaporizer also provides a
lot of freedom of usage to the user. The vent-balloon delivery
system sets apart the Phantom Digital Vaporizer from all other
vaporizers available in the market today. 
Ease Of Use: 
Users were reviewed and it was found that
the Volcano Vaporizer Classic scored high in the ease of use
department. The vaporizer vent-balloon can be easily filled with
minimum effort by the user and this is what most users look for
from when buying a vaporizer and the convenience of use and the
efficiency of filling the vaporizer with their desired
Excellent Vapor Storage: 
Once the vent-balloon is allowed to fill
up with enough vapor, it is possible to retrieve several vaporizer
hits from one filling, with all inhalations being as effective as
the first one. The vapor storage time in the vent-balloon is also
high at eight hours. 
Users of this vaporizer have the
convenience of watching the vent-balloon being filled with vapor.
Once the vent-balloon is completely filled with vapor, the user can
easily remove the bag and use the given attachment to enjoy the
aromatic vapor. 
Facts About Phantom Digital
The Phantom Digital Vaporizer provide the
maximum benefits in terms of active ingredients that are inhaled by
the user when compared to the traditional method of smoking these
herbs. With the smokeless approach used in the Phantom Digital
Vaporizer, all the harmful elements of a herb that are an essential
part of regular smoking, such as the inhalation of tars and
carcinogens are virtually non-existent, making it a pleasurable but
extremely safe alternative. For those looking for a healthy
lifestyle, the Phantom Digital Vaporizer is the way to
Phantom Digital Vaporizer Set includes the
Phantom Digital Vaporizer 
Phantom Digital Vaporizer Base 1
Air Filter Set 1 pc 
Operating Manual 1 pc 
Easy Valve Set 
Filling Chamber for Herbs 1
Balloon 5 pc 
Mouthpiece 1 pc 
Normal Screen 2 pc 
Clips 3 pc 
Our Phantom Digital Vaporizer is shipped
along with all the essentials, such as a 110 volt plug that is
needed for use in the United States. Replacement parts are also
very easy to obtain. 
three-year warranty is given as long as the Phantom Vaporizer is
used normally as specified. 
Use our Phantom Vaporizer and begin a new
and healthy smoke-free life, while enjoying the benefits of
inhaling the flavors of different blends. 
Sells retail for $250.00
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