Item Description
Directed by Teddy Page
Max Thayer, Jack Yates, Corwin Sperry, Jim Gaines, Richard
King, David Light, and Mike Monty
     A squad of black-clad
soldiers armed to the teeth and wearing gas masks storm a
Vietnamese fishing village and mercilessly slaughter everyone in
their path. After enough huts are ravaged in balls of flame, the
evil platoon round the few remaining civilians at the edge of their
villages beach to exterminate them promptly with nerve gas.
     A Green Beret leads
a team to track down these mysterious soldiers that are causing the
rampant escalation in violence, but ends up getting captured by
them in the process.
     Meanwhile a Texas Ranger
(No Dead Hero's Max Thayer) is leading a quite life away from the
war when he receives a message that his brother, the Green Beret,
is missing in action. He immediately springs into action and heads
to the war torn jungles of Vietnam to stop the infamous heavily
armed battalion and take back his captured sibling.
     This ultra-violent exercise
in exploitation is a colossal bloodbath with one of the biggest
body counts in the Filipino-made Vietnam war film genre. Director
Teddy Page utilizes every dollar of his budget to film his
explosive action scenes that feature excellent cinematography and
gunfight choreography.
English audio soundtrack, with no additioanl
DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable
world wide.
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