Item Description

Director William Szarka ( South Bronx Heroes) made sure that everyone either screamed (or mumbled) their lines, then recorded it all with a lapel microphone across the street. But is all lost? Heck no. This is a New Yawk suburb in 1988, after all.
Richie, Dawn, and two of their amazing friends (re: hair is out of control) visit an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. Purpose: maximum horizontal grind. Little do they know that a trio of cartoonish killers (fat lady, the aforementioned slasher, girl scout zombie) are hiding out in the place. As the knife falls, one girl gets away. She bumps into Abel, our lunkhead heavy, and the movie continues on. Sorta. Abel's family was killed in a car accident and he spends his days cleaning up after the killers and hanging out with his adopted hillbilly family. Not much happens until a movie crew arrives to shoot some scenes in the house. They've got a rusted out Winnebago and shitheap VW Bug, so you KNOW they mean business. Loaded with cheap gore and nudity, Phantom Brother is must for those who crave 80's shot on video trash like crack.

ships in a plain sleeve with no artwork.