Item Description
 The double album "Frampton Comes Alive!" signed on the
front cover by Peter Frampton in black ballpoint or biro pen. The
signature was obtained at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The cover
shows some signs of wear. Both vinyl records appear to be in very
good shape. As a lifelong autograph collector, I'm starting to sell
off some of the prized possessions I've acquired over the years. I
will issue a certificate of authenticity with a photo of the item,
all known signing details, and will have it notarized as I sign it.
I had sold signed rock memorabilia for years, first on Ebay, and
now for years on my own website. I am just now starting to sell
here on this site. Please check out my other items I am initially
offering here, you will see that they are well above the norm as
far as what is offered in this field these days. I will always
share as much as i can about any items I have, or send more photos
or scans. I would always refund an item if by some chance
shown not to be genuine.