Item Description
NEW Release - Pete Towshend / Ronnie Lane -

Unsurpassed Masters / Rough Mixes (Audiofon AF19)
All Artwork with CDR - NO CASES shipped
16 outtakes from the Rough Mix album - All in
amazing Sound Quality
Till The Rivers All Run Dry, Heart to Hang Onto
(backing track), Heart to Hang Onto, Nowhere to Run, Hear
Me Clearly (instrumental), Misunderstood (backing track),
Misunderstood, Keep Me Turning (backing track), Keep Me
Turning, Silly Little Man #1, Silly Little Man #2, My Baby
Gives It Away, Catmelody, April Fool, Street in the City, Till
The Rivers All Run Dry
This is an wonderful addition to the original studio
album, these rare mixes and works in progress are
excellent. The master tapes were used for this release - there
really is no better sound.