Item Description
A surreal mind-game of a series centering on a group of strangers who awaken in a
deserted town with no memory of how they arrived, only to realize that there is no
The complete Season 1 of Persons Unknown,13 episodes in chronological order
/commercial free.Excellant 9 out of 10 video quality with menu's/episode selection
and play all functions on 4 disks with DVD case & case artwork.
Item is supplied on a DVD R disks that are compatible with most any playing
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Info:This series has not been released to DVD,item is high quality home recordings
and and is sold on a collector to collector basis.

1- Pilot
2- The Edge
3- The Way Through
4- Exit One
5- Incoming
6- The Truth
7- Smoke and Steel
8- Saved
9- Static
10- Identity
11- Seven Sacrifices
12- And Then There Was One
13- Shadows In The Cave