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Perfect Complexion by Julie
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Perfect Complexion Julie Robin
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For resistant skin types
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For my sundamaged clientelle
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TCA Peel Store by Julie Robins Inc
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~Please do not fall for the copycat sellers who are cutting/pasting my ad contents and verbage and selling a home made water peel. Please notify me personally if you see my products name and likeness being duplicated. Thankyou so much~ Julie Robins
Perfect Complexion Skincare Perfect TCA Peel
~The Lunch-Time Face Peel~
This ad is going to be very short and to the point. The new Perfect-TCA-Peel is not a replacement for TCA Complex or TCA Latte or TCA Cross kit or any of my Retinoic Apeels. The new Perfect-TCA-Peel is a prepared solution of triple acetic TCA crystals that is formatted to Frost the stratum corneum.
Who is a candidate for the New Perfect TCA Peel?Any client or online customer of mine who has completed at least 3-6 months of successful treatments with any of my resurfacing chemicals.
Is there any discomfort? Could be a tiny bit. The application will sting until it has acclimated to the skins natural PH level. Although salt can shut this product down it is not recommended that you stop the peel before it has finished. I recommend to have a cold wet cloth at the ready to hold and press onto the skin for comfort sake.
Is there any 'down time' that I should be prepared for? Yes. You are going to experience 48 hours of dry skin pull which can make you look a bit 'old' as the skin is dead and waiting to peel. We call this the lunch time face peel because you can literally do this on your lunch break and resume work in 60 minutes. The drying effect begins 12 hours after treatment and continues until all the skin has peeled.
I would call this the Friday Lunch time face peel because you can do it Friday at lunch and be done by Monday morning in time for work!
Seriously Julie, how bad will I look? You will look fine! No worse than managing a peeling suntan! I send tips and treasures to help you get through this fast and without barely any noticability. Your 'partner' will know. Other than that, nobody gets that close to your face!
Can I do a little test spot first? Yes! I insist that you do! In fact personally I never do a full face peel. I do my lower nasal folds and chin on one treatment and then forhead on a second week. There is no special formula of application that you have to follow. You do this to accomdate your own lifestyle.
Can I wear makeup? Yes! I encourage it. Minerals are going to make you look cakey and dryer. Lancome makes the best concealer with a 20 spf. I recommend a liquid concealer that you can warm in your hand and tap,tap,tap onto the skin!
How many peels will I get in this 1 oz. bottle? You will be able to do more than 100 applications with just 1 oz.
How much solution do I use? This product is very very strong and you will be applying it with a single qtip tip pack that I provide. You dip and wait and then spread. Not much solution is used. Your skin will start to frost almost immediately. You can stop at any time and even reach for the cold cloth if you need to!
What will my results be? Your skin will look softer with natural color showing through (pink) and tight and shiney. I know these are not medical terms but its a precise description of the end result. You don't realize how grey and thick our skin gets until you uncover a few micron and reveal live skin growth.
Do I need to wear sunscreen: This goes without saying but since you asked me, I would prefer that you avoided the sun for the entire treatment and the next 2 weeks. Just don't put your face into the hot sun! Your new skin growth will not appreciate it and you will turn red fast just like a babys skin!
I've read these ads that said TCA takes off tattoos and stretch marks. Can I use this product to remove my tattoo or stretch marks? Believe what you want,. if you read all of those ads that claim TCA takes of stretch marks and tattoos I challange you to look at the photos again. Most of them are altered and several are not even of the same person. Many of them show after results of a tattoo that looks burned. Lastly call your plastic surgeon or any plastic surgeon and ask them if they have heard of or if they perform TCA chemical peels for the removal of stretchmarks and tattoos. You would believe a doctor, right? I know I would. As far as my Perfect-TCA-Peel is concerned, it is for facial resurfacing only. Your face is comprised of folicles and pores that are crucial in the absorbtion and distribution of this peel. Your arm does not have oil like your face and it does not have a stratum corneum like your face. So please do not attempt to use this product for anything foolish or for the body or belly. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
Can I use my Latte after this peel? How about my APEEL? Yes, once your skin has fully peeled you may wait 7-10 days and incorporate light applications of your normal routine. You do not want to use soap or anything harsh during your peel. I recommend using makeup remover that is greasy or just use a hot cloth to remove the days debris. You don't need to use soap on your face while it is waiting to peel.
Is there any way to speed up my peel? You really need 2 full days to go from application to slough, but there are several things like hot showers to doing hot water compressing to the stubborn areas. Once the skin turns a little bit browner than your normal skintone, you know its is ready to peel. I like to use my ring finger and slowly do light circles, light friction to encourage the skin to lift. Never resort to tweezers or pulling skin that is lifting. You can use a compress and it will lift off.
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To my customers. As you all know, I am unable to reply on this forum which is why this ad contains a Q&A. You may email direct me at my comcast account. We do not sell opened or used merchandise therefore there is a strict no returns policy with all of these products. If you have any reservation about your purchase please do not bid or buy anything in my store as some of my items are limited supply and high demand.Your product has been professionally packaged and safety sealed under cosmetic bottling guidelines and FDA voluntary registering.
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