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Perfect Complexion AMAZING DAY CREAM

           2 oz. bottle (available in larger sizes)

I actually formulated this cream for MYSELF! Because of my oil and pimple prone skin, I have NEVER been able to wear a day cream!
Everything I tried made my skin break out, and they made my foundation roll off in thick pieces. This is the chemical reaction that happens when you mix two compounds with gumbase thickeners (Yuk!)!
I wear Perfect Complexion Amazing Day Cream every single day UNDER my foundation and not only do I NOT have an oil slick by 12 noon, my makeup stays flawless all day long!
Perfect Complexion Amazing Day Cream is compounded out of natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, thickeners or fillers. All of my customers know I formulate with PURE RAW materials and I do NOT add fillers to stretch a batch. I only formulate using ACTIVE ingredients! This way, you benefit faster and longer using only what you need! The Amazing Day cream can be used day or night. Under foundation or alone. Your skin will be instantly soft, not gummy and your foundation will glide on without rolling off! I also add a few drops of my Perfect Complexion Hyaluronic Acid with this to hold and maintain my own skins moisture!


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