Item Description
Pepper Spray Self Defense Device Anti Satyr Weapon Safety Security Thunder Hammer Small Size SSSD-7959
Product Features:

* 100% brand new pepper spray
* Protects Yourself with this Proven Stopping Power
* Enables you to defend yourself to keep a safe distance from an attacker
* The pepper spray on the face will cause temporary blindness, choking, coughing and nausea- bringing an attacker to his knees
* Delivers a strong potent blast 10-12 feet
* Quick and simple to operate, easy to take around
* Perfect to carry for self-protection and peace of mind
* Suitable for both man and woman
* Note: Strictly forbidden to joke around people, only used in danger, if got on face, please rinse with plenty of water
* Dimension (D x H): 35 x 115 mm/ 1.38 x 4.52 in
* Net Weight: 86 g/ 3.03 oz
* Color: Black

Product Specifications:
Package Contents:

* 1 x Pepper Spray

The terms of payment:

1.Western Union

2.Bank Transfer