Item Description
Penthouse Magazine
Year **** 1984
Month **** December
Featuring **** Pet of the Year
Interview/Articles **** the 30-Hour Erection
Condition **** 8 rating out of '10' – clean overall and
complete. NOTE: Penthouse Magazines, especially pre-1990's issues,
tended to wear more easily than other magazines so covers may not
show as ‘glossy’ due to shelf wear. Staple slipping was
also common on the stapled pre-90’s issues so we don’t
note issues with slipped covers – please ask if it is an
‘issue’ (pun intended, it’s a pain for us too but
it’s how they were bound….sigh)
– Many of our titles are ‘risque’ or even
explicit. To view our entire selection you MUST be LOGGED in at
Ioffer and have your MA lock set to ‘unlocked’ (bottom
left side of screen under your profile option)