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"Ring of Fire"
Silver Magnetic Penis Enlarger
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The "Ring of Fire" has been designed with maximum longevity
in mind.
The air tight system prevents corrosion.
The "Ring of Fire" produces a steady electromagnetic current
to the genital region
which is created by the electrolytic action of slightly
moist, acid and salt containing skin coming
into contact with the brass ring, this process stimulates the
manufacture of hormonal secretions
which are essential to cell growth and in developing muscle,
creating several benefits.
1. Stimulated blood circulation to the penis
and testicles causing bigger erections.
2. Creates a longer and thicker penis by facilitating cell
growth when used alone or
in conjunction with another penis enlarger device.
3. Aid in curing impotence allowing you to achieve and
maintain an erection.
4. Ability to maintain an erection for longer periods of
5. Increased sexual stamina and desire.
6. If you are using any type of penis enlarger product the
"Ring of Fire" will benefit you greatly.
It can be used during or after the use of a traction type
penis stretcher or male enhancement pump. The cell growth factor
increases and speeds-up your enlarging process.

The "Ring of Fire"
uses rare earth silver plated neodymium magnets, chrome plated zinc
and yellow brass. Certain metals, when combined with
magnetism create varying amounts of
current. The "Ring of Fire" uses a variety of compounds that
are beneficial to the human body
when combined in specific amounts. When these components are
combined in the right ratio benefits to male performance and size
are readily noticable.
The success of the "Ring of Fire" lies not so much in it's
shape or design, but in the ratio of the
magnetism versus the type and amount of the metals used to
create a virtual electromagnetic field
which flows continuously through the ring.
An electromagnetic field is one of the four fundamental
forces of nature. It is a physical field
produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the
behavior of charged objects in the vicinity
of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely
throughout space and describes the
electromagnetic interaction.
The "Ring of Fire" is supplied only partially
assembled so that you may cut for size. You will

receive instructions on use and how to cut
for the perfect fit.
We have many penis enlarger products available!

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