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"The Booster"
Quality Device, Fast and Discreet Shipping, Complete Privacy 
Ancient Egyptian Secret
You can wear it ANYWHERE!
You can wear it ANYTIME!
You can wear it ALL THE TIME!
What exactly is it?
Penis Enlarging Aid
All-Natural Product
100% Hypoallergenic, Soft,  Silicone Tube
 99.9% Pure Copper round rod
99.9% Pure Zinc round rod
Easy to clean – just use soap and water
Easy to adjust - Just cut the silicone tube down to size
How Do I Wear It?  
This device slides around the penis and testicles and is worn next to the skin
The zinc rod is placed on the left side of your body
the copper rod is placed on the right side of your body
How does it work?   
 When the Zinc and Copper make contact with the moisture on your skin they act as a natural battery and create a very small electric current. 
The electric current increases blood flow, circulation,  and stimulates the leydig cells in your testicles.  The leydig cells produce testosterone
What does Increased Testosterone Production Help With?
Decreased Body Fat
Increased Stamina
Better Results from Exercising
What are the Benefits?  
  Larger Flaccid and Erect Penis
Increased Testicle Size
Improved Fertility
Increased Testosterone Production
When can I wear it? 
This is an easy to wear device
It isn't visible and no one will ever know you have it on!
You can wear it wherever and whenever you want
How does it make my penis bigger?
Wear it with or right after using any Penis Enlarging System will speed up the enlarging process by increasing cell growth
Who can wear it?
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We have several accessories and other items in our ebay store.  Our newest product is the "Power Aid".  This item can be worn with any PE device and will quickly increase the results.  We also have a leg harness, chest harness, weight ball, and cups.
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