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This is a complete weight system and everything you need to enlarge your penis


The answer to Man's eternal dilemma.

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What exactly is it?

12.6 oz
Steel Ball
100% Soft Silicone Tube

It is a weight device that adds EXTRA LENGTH AND GIRTH to your penis.

What other devices or options can I compare it to?
There are a lot of other devices out there claiming to make you bigger - but do they work?

There are pumps and vacuums that you can use sitting around for hours of your life and pump away. What a waste of time.

There are pills that can temporarily cause your penis to swell. These are great for the moment but not long term.

There is surgery that can add some length but not girth. Don't count on a very erect penis after that.

This device doesn't waste your time, have a temporary fix, or cause you to lose that erection. It will stay in one place, have a permanent result, and allow you to continue the same erection you already have.

How does it make my penis bigger?
The epithelia (skin cells) in the penis will divide and allow the tissue to expand when tension is applied. Two of the main tissue and cell types in the penis are the corpus cavernosa and the tunica albuqinea. The main determinant in penis size is the tunica albuqinea. Which is made up of mainly protein structures, collagens, and elastins. The elastins allow the penis to stretch when erect. The cells that produce the protein are fibroblasts. Fibroblasts will proliferate and produce more connective tissue when tension is applied or the tunica albuqinea is injured. This is what increases the length and girth of your penis.
The tunica fibroblasts produce more elastin when tension is applied. The use of penis enlargers have been used successfully to treat Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis).

The only proven way to add EXTRA LENGTH AND GIRTH to your penis is through stretching and tension. People have been using this process for years. It is a proven method to add size. You will gain in length and girth as the ligaments and tissues in the penis stretch.

Who can wear it?
This device can be used on any penis, circumcised or non-circumcised.
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