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Paul McCartney & Wings Lightspeed

2 DVD set - NTSC - Region free - Playable

DVD 1 :


While under appreciated by critics at the time of it’s
broadcast; James Paul McCartney remains a unique time capsule. The
special featured most of Wings singles to date along with tracks
from the new Wings LP Red Rose Speedway. Also included were
previews of “Live and Let Die” and
“Bluebird” as well as classic Beatles songs.
Commissioned by music publisher and head of ATV Sir Lew Grade, the
program came about as a compromise between Grade and McCartney over
songwriting disputes. Sir Grade challenged McCartney’s use of
wife Linda’s name as co-writer on the LP’s Ram and Wild
Life along with most of the singles through the end of 1972. As a
resolution, Paul agreed to videotape the special for ATV, with him
retaining total creative control. The special was produced and
directed by Gary Smith and Dwight Hemion. With its’ blend of
live performances, promos and skits, James Paul McCartney is a
unique Television program worthy of revisiting. This remastered
version belongs in every McCartney fans’ collection. John
later remarked, “I liked parts of Paul’s TV special,
especially the intro. The bit filmed in Liverpool made me squirm a
bit, but Paul’s a pro. He always has been.”

For this definitive edition, we have used a previously
unreleased source tape and restored the special using the finest
audio and visual elements available. This extra effort results in
the best presentation of James Paul McCartney to date.


With Band On The Run still riding high in the charts, Paul
assembled a new lineup for Wings in 1974. He took the band to
Nashville in June for a working holiday. The six-week stay resulted
in the first new Wings single in several months;
“Junior’s Farm/Sally G” was released in November.
Wings also worked on several Cold Cuts that Paul stated would be
issued after the next proper Wings LP. Pleased with the new lineup,
Paul and Wings gathered at EMI’s Studio Two in August to
rehearse and record old and new material. MPL videotaped the events
with the intent of producing a Television special. Geoff Emerick
recorded the sessions for possible commercial release. A tour was
also under consideration. The sessions took place over four days in
late August with almost forty hours of videotape shot. Directed by
David Litchfield, the idea was to shoot on videotape and then edit
and transfer the selected footage onto film. Frank Zappa’s
film 200 Motels inspired this technique. The film was named One
Hand Clapping, and is an interesting Wings documentary. The film
takes the viewer right inside Studio 2 as Wings rehearse, record
and share their thoughts. The film also gave each Wings member
their own spotlight section; Paul’s being a rare piano medley
that included several songs never heard before or since. In
early1975, during the Venus And Mars sessions, overdubs for the
films finale “Baby Face” were recorded in New Orleans.
In spite of the effort put into the project, One Hand Clapping
remains unreleased to this day.

Picture Perfect is extremely pleased to present One Hand
Clapping in incredible quality. For this edition, we have uncovered
an amazing 35mm film print buried in the archives. This discovery
far surpasses all previous 16mm reductions of this material. The
audio has been taken directly from the original Nagras to produce
this definitive edition. Apparently the transfer from video to film
produced less than optimal results and may very well be a reason
the project was scrapped. Short film excerpts from the finished
print have appeared over the years, but no evidence exist that the
original videotapes have survived.

Blackbird/Bluebird/Michelle/Heart Of The Country – 2006
remaster, acoustic medley re-synchronized to the original raw audio

Hi, Hi, Hi – Not included in US airings of the special,
taped live from ATV Studios

DVD 2 :

Melbourne Australia 1975 + Documentary

The year 1974 ended with the release of “Junior’s
Farm” in November and work began on the first new LP in over
12 months at Abbey Road Studios. In January 1975 Wings traveled to
New Orleans. Paul stated, “to achieve an even greater
flexibility with the blues-rock sound”. January also saw The
Wings line-up change once again with the addition of Joe English on
drums. The new LP Venus And Mars along with the single
“Listen To What The Man Said” were released in May.
These were the first records not released on the Apple label and
were distributed with the MPL logo instead. These were the first
releases credited solely to Wings, dropping the ‘Paul
McCartney And’. With a new line-up and LP, it was time to
rehearse for the first Wings concerts in over two years. This would
be no ordinary Wings tour, but a full fledged World Tour beginning
with Britain and Australia September 9 – November 14.

The demand to see Wings perform in Australia was enormous.
The two Melbourne concerts scheduled at the Myer Music Bowl were
quick sell-outs. Due to overwhelming ticket demand, the November
13th concert was videotaped and dedicated to “all the people
who couldn’t get to see us”. Two days earlier, Paul was
informed that he and his wife Linda were banned from entering Japan
for a series of concerts at the Budokan Hall. Then he requested a
copy of the concert be sent to Japan to compensate disappointed
fans. It should also be noted, that MPL documented the entire tour.
Several hours of candid and concert footage were captured on film.
The concert was also professionally recorded and mixed from
16-track tape for possible commercial release.

The Australian and Japanese TV broadcasts were not the
complete concert. They were edited down to under an hour each, and
both were subjected to heavy post-production. The version for Japan
added subtitles and removed nearly all in-between talk. Extra crowd
noise was added to cover crude edits and references to Australia.
The edited Japan TV version has been available to collectors for
over 20 years. The original unedited videotape was not unearthed
until 1995. The master does not contain the annoying subtitles that
plague previous issues. The discovery of this tape was quite
astounding and provides us with the only complete Wings concert
from this period. The 1975 concerts were very exciting as the tour
was fresh and the band was in great sprits. Not as polished and
scripted as the 1976 tour, the band appears quite relaxed and
spontaneously chat it up with the audience.

This DVD is presenting Wings Fly South from the original
open-reel videotape. This is the complete multi-camera shot concert
from tuning to end. A complete track-by-track remastering was
required to compensate for imperfections in the original source
tape. While rediscovering the original videotape was like finding
buried treasure, decades of improper storage rendered sections of
the tape damaged. We have acquired a safety copy made directly from
the original Pal master and reproduced an incredible transfer.
Utilizing this transfer as the starting point, we then located all
the audio and visual elements available. ATU productions have
replaced the audio/visual glitches from the damaged portions of the
concert. We proudly present the most complete and enjoyable version
to date. Twenty of the songs are being presented with the remix
from 16-track. This presentation is a revelation, seeing the entire
show restored like never before!