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PASSION OF DRACULA (1979)!! Impossible to find *anywhere*. This is for a dvd-r ( 7 out of 10 overall quality which is to be expected as this is one of the only prints in the world) of the hideously ultra-rare 1979 tv production entitled the PASSION OF DRACULA (it has that "live" look like Dark Shadows). Go to imdb and read the one review where a guy remembers seeing it years back and compared it to the old Universal movies..It's a cross between Hammer, Universal and Dark Shadows.I collect some of the rarest vampiric horror movies and tv movies from around the globe and this is one of THE rarest. This tv-movie comes on region free dvd-r. It can play on any dvd player in the world. All Regions! In it's original English language..No subtitles. English audio only.