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Parrot's MINIKIT Slim hands-free car kit lets you take full advantage of your Bluetooth phone in your car. Its excellent sound quality allows you to converse without straining to hear, while you keep both hands on the wheel. You can also use the MINIKIT Slim for talking on the phone at home while preparing meals, using the computer, or doing any other tasks which require both hands.
You can take the MINIKIT Slim portable speakerphone with you in any vehicle. Slide it on your car's visor and use the 3-button keypad to dial, hang up, or change the volume coming through the MINIKIT's advanced flat-panel speaker.
The kit connects with your Bluetooth mobile phone automatically — it uses its own built-in voice-recognition software instead of your phone's, so you don't have to touch your phone while driving. The MINIKIT Slim can pair with up to five compatible phones or devices simultaneously.
Noise-reducing technology allows you to hear your callers clearly, and have a conversation in your car without raising your voice. An omnidirectional microphone ensures every word will get transmitted, and you can use your phone up to 33 feet away from the MINIKIT Slim. It's easy to use — just say a stored name and the MINIKIT Slim will dial the number. With select phones, you can store up to 150 different names from your address book.
The compact MINIKIT Slim fits in your pocket or bag, and it works with most Bluetooth mobile phones. Charge it up with the included car charger, and you'll get up to 10 hours of talk time, plus 20 days of standby power.

portable hands-free speakerphone kit

car charger and USB cable included

compatible with most Bluetooth phones

access up to 150 numbers with voice recognition feature for hands-free dialing (only works with certain phones)

omnidirectional microphone with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology

built-in 2-watt amplifier powers speaker

dimensions: 4-3/8"W x 2-3/8"H x 1-3/16"D

weight: 2.9 oz.
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