Item Description
Great Collection of Parliament DVDs. See listing below:

Disc 1
Parliament Funkadelic "The Flashlight Tour" Rare DVD. Quality is ok ripped from VHS

"The Summit" Houston
TX 3/21/78
Set List

1. The Cartoon Prelude
2. Funkentelechy ~ We Are The Funkadelic
3. Cosmic Slop
4. Maggot Brain
5. Bop Gun
6. Mothership Connection
7. Flashlight
8. Give Up The Funk (tear the roof off)
9. Night of the Thumpasaraus People

Disc 2
Parliament Live In Passaic, NJ 1978
Rare DVD 3 hour runtime in BLACK/WHITE Very rare and very
amazing. Quality is ok but not DVD quality at all. This is a PAL DVD
Ripped from 3rd and 4th generation. Viewable and very
enjoyable to watch.

Disc 3
Motor Boot City Tour 1979 - 2 DVDs

Set Listing:
Cosmic Slop
Give Up The Funk
Into You
Stading On The Verge
Drum Solo
Skip To My Loo
Bernie Intro
Maggot Brain
Mr. Wiggles
Aqua Boogie
One Nation
Mothership connection

Disc 4
Great DVD I made with Some memorable performances by George
and his groups.



Cosmic Slop Live In 1973

Connection & Disconnection Live On Soul Train

Who's A Funkadelic Live On Soul Train


Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) Video

Parliament/Funkadelic - The Motor Booty Affair Tour (Landover,
MD. Feb. 1, 1979) Ripped from VHS so quality is ok.


Cosmic Slop

Tear The Roof Off

Funk Gettin Ready To Roll

Into U

Standing On The Verge

Maggot Brain

James Wesley Jackson


One Nation Under A Groove

Flashlight-Mothership Connection
George Clinton

Atomic Dog Video

Live On Sinbad Summer Jam:

Give Up The Funk


Atomic Dog

Disc 5
One Nation Under a Groove Documentary

Disc 6
George Clinton - Unsung

Disc 7 (Brides Of Funkenstein
Rare Concert Live in the late 70's. Please see listing below:

War Ship Touchante
Ride On
Vanish In Our Sleep
Disco To Go
Funk Or Walk

Disc 8 Tales of Dr. Funkenstein BBC Documentary