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A powerful family... a tribal witch-doctor... a curse that can only be paid back in blood.

Deep in the heart of seductively spiritual Africa, young, beautiful Elizabeth Armstrong makes her home among the warring tribes. Trying to bring civilization to the local people, she oversteps her bounds challenging the powerful tribal witch-doctor - making her first mistake. Ignoring his curse will be her last. Between the unknown and the unstoppable lies a young woman trying to escape from the wrath of the Panga - a deadly machete that strikes into the heart of terror.
Starring: Christopher Lee, Jenilee Harrison, Henry Cele
Director: Sean Barton
Widescreen / 1990 / 91 min / Not Rated
This film (or version of film) has never been officially released on DVD in the United States and is considered to be in the public domain. It has been professionally converted from the best possible source materials and recorded onto a high-quality DVD -R, compatible with most DVD players. The movie transfer is Region-Free NTSC and includes custom color artwork in a standard-sized case with thermal printing on the disc.
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