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This is a Pancrase wrestling video featuring musclehunk Ken Shamrock in Japan. The matches are from 1993-1994, and commentary is in Japanese. Originally produced on VHS tape, it was later transferred to DVD. Video quality is excellent and clear. Lots of zooms and closeups. Tight, crushing holds: sleepers, armbars, leg grapevines, muscles flexing, lots of punishing rides, Ken likes to stay on top! He seems to enjoy wrapping his muscular arms and legs around his opponents, making them squirm as he squeezes them like a python. In one match, Ken squeezes his opponent so hard, that he slumps to the mat unconscious, and his coach has a hard time reviving him! Ken always wore the skimpiest wrestling trunks that could barely contain his muscular body! A match list wasn't available in English, but I did recognize Matt Hume and Bas Rutten in two of them. The others are mostly Japanese wrestlers. 10 matches in all. All images below are direct scans from the DVD. Running time is 1 hour.