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Panasonic KXP110 Printer Ribbons  

Panasonic Printer Ribbons

Panasonic KX-P110 Printer Ribbons


Description: Ribbon, Compatible, Black, Nylon, 5/16 In. X 1600mm Box/1   

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Used in the over 50 of the following Printers:
Azurdata 80 COL. NS â— Detecto PCS200 â— Detecto PCS400 â— Eien EP-1201 â— Eien EP-1802 â— Eien Five Star â— Eient 1090 â— Eient 1091 â— Five Star 1090 â— Honeywell/Bull PRU 0066 â— Lloyds 1090 â— Lloyds 1091 â— Logitec FT-5000 â— Logitec FT-5001 â— Logitec FT-5002 â— Logitec FT-5100 â— Matsushita 1090 â— Matsushita 1091 â— Matsushita KX-P1091 N â— Memotech DMX80 â— Mitsuba 1091 â— Mitsuba ENP 1090 â— Mitsuba Super V ENP 1090 â— National 1090 â— National 1091 â— Panasonic KX-P1000 â— Panasonic KX-P1030 â— Panasoic KX-P1031 â— Panasonic KX-P1080 â— Panasonic KX-P1080 AP â— Panasonic KX-P1080 i â— Panasonic KX-P1081 â— Panasonic KX-P1082 â— Panasonic KX-P1083 â— Panasonic KX-P1090 â— Panasonic KX-P1091 â— Panasonic KX-P1091 i â— Panasonic KX-P1092 â— Panasonic KX-P1092 i â— Panasonic KX-P110i - Part Number â— Panasonic KX-P120 - Part Number â— Panasonic KX-P1592 â— Panasonic KX-P1595 â— Panasonic KX-P2000 â— Panasonic TMS 210 â— Quen Data 1090 â— Quen Data 1091 â— Roland DG PR-1010 â— Roland DG PR-1011 â— Roland DG PR-1012 â— Roland DG PR-1111 â— Roland DG PR-1212 â— Roland DG PR-1212A â— Roland DG PR-1215 â— Roland DG PR-1250 â— Roland DG PR-1550 â— Super 5 1090 â— Super 5 1091


This Printer Ribbon is also know as the following item number :

AllWrite Ribbon C1940 â— Best Ribbon Corp BC691 â— California Ribbon & Carbon DWP-54C â— Carma No - UK 2228 â— Commander Imaging Prod 2114 â— Curtis-Young/Turbon Group IP656 â— Data General 10511 â— Dataproducts USA, LLC P6400 â— Decision 1Data 360337-00 â— DIN Group No - Germany 671 â— Distinguished Brands 366 â— Fine Line Ribbon Corp MC104 â— GRC/Monroe T526-5NB â— Honeywell/Bull HIP656 â— Honeywell/Bull M3343 â— ICL 42004261 â— KO-Rec-Type 6N298-0 â— Marathon Ribbon Corp 3600 â— Memorex 3202-0865 â— Memorex 3205-0865 â— Nashua Imaging 64385 â— NCR 151344 â— NCR 151849 â— NER Data Products 5-1234-00 â— Nukote Intl. BM189 â— Olivetti 7341090 â— Olympia 229 â— Panasonic KX-P110 â— Panasonic KX-P110i â— Panasonic KX-P120 â— Performance Plus 66185 â— Porelon 11515 â— Premier 5-1234 â— Royal 615 â— Royal 617 â— Royal 911615 â— Sercomp 440-1090-402 â— Unisys 19-1178-870

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Don't be fooled by others who are selling old surplus supplies. These Ribbons are manufactured and packaged in a sealed package.  We offer Factory Sealed packages.


This eBay item is a Buy-It-Now item, orders are for a single package of ribbons.  This sealed package consists of 1 package of ribbons.

We are the Ribbon Experts - Need help? Call us  - USA Toll Free 800-982-9989 / Intl 760-761-1108