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Nearly 500 watts! What a great value!
Design: Transistorized
Transistors: 5 x ERF7530 MOSFET [1 Driver x 4 Finals]
Max Input: 25-35 Watts PEP with lower dead key
Max Input: 5 Watts Carrier
Max Output: 450 Watts depending on input
SSB: Yes

These new MOSFET style transistor amplifiers are quickly replacing the old Toshiba "pill" transistors. These transistors are cleaner and due to the availability, the cost is lower. Toshiba and Motorola have discontinued most all of their "pill" style transistors found in the older Palomars, Palomar Elites, Texas Star and other amplifiers and radios. At this point, Toshiba has even discontinued the 2SC2879's, al
though, rumor has it that Ranger is buying the rights and having Toshiba begin to produce them again. Currently, the cost of a Toshiba 2SC2879 transistor is about $35 each. That's over $150 in just transistors for this amp. You can see the terrific value in the new MOSFET style amps. The bottom line is that you get more clean power for your money.