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Palomar FET250HD - High Drive Linear Amplifier
Design: MOSFET Transistors Transistors: 2 x ERF7530 MOSFET
Max Input Deadkey: 10 Watts
Max Input Peak: 50 Watts Max
Input Voltage: 14 Volts Approx.
Max Output Peak: 250 Watts (Depending on input-Bird Peak Reading Meter)
SSB Delay: Yes (Automatic)
Class: AB1
Preamp: Yes
Power Settings: Hi-Med-Low

This is a high drive amplifier. This amplifier will require 40+ watts in order for it to reach 200-225 watts (approx), also dependant upon the voltage input. OPTION: If your radio puts out less than 20 watts, consider the low drive version of this amplifier (fet250Ld). It has a single stage driving transistor that will drive the 2 final transistors. Your radio will only need to drive the first stage and let that transitor light up the other two. 10 Watts should see a result of 250 watts out of the Low Drive version of this amp.