Item Description
RADARchron USES PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Direct adaptation of our patented Glove Radar which is field proven by over 9000 users. Employs microwave Doppler technology implemented via very clever circuits and design techniques, which achieve accurate performance in a small size, at a low cost. Microwave operation of the RADARchron eliminates problems due to light, shadows, loud noise and associated environmental effects that are deleterious to many other paintball velocity sensors. CONVENIENCE Rugged, compact design makes it easy to carry and use to check any Marker in the field. (2 "w; 3 lg; 1 3/16" th; 2.7 oz.) BE SURE THAT YOUR MARKER IS OPERATING WITHIN SAFE LIMITS!! EASY TO USE Referees use it in the field during competition. Just hold the small RADARchron within 1/2 inch of the Marker barrel, about 2 inches behind the marker barrel exit and read the velocity of the expelled paintball. Simple one-button operation turns on the radar transmitter and feet per second paintball exit velocity is indicated on the LCD. Individual players monitor their marker performance by loosely attaching the RADARchron to the barrel with a hook & loop strap. ACCURACY Microwave Doppler accuracy is within 2% AFFORDABLE