Item Description
JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.04 w/ Animation Shop 3.04 10th Anniv.
Edition , also includes JASC Media Center Plus 3.10
This was the 10th anniversary edition which was packed full of
Bonus: Also included on the cd is a Anniversary Edition Video
Product Tour and a Tutorial on how to use the many features
Animation Shop 3 Features
 We have added several great new features and
enhancements to Animation Shop 3. The most significant product
changes are listed below.  For a more detailed explanation of
these features, please consult the Animation Shop 3 Help file.
• Integration of the Paint Shop Pro browser into
Animation Shop, providing an intuitive manner for you to select
image files to include in animations and open in the application.
• An Onionskin Preview mode allows you to preview
an overlay of frames before and after the current frame for more
precise animation editing and creation.
• A variety of frame and animation modification
options have been added, including frame rotation options, a Mover
tool, a color replacement command and floating text and image
• New animation preview options, including
enhancements to the Optimization Wizard and the ability to preview
the current animation in your selected Web browser.
• A new Morph transition, for enhanced fade effects
using customizable key points between frames.
• A new toolbar with VCR-style controls that allow
you to play, fast-forward and rewind your animation.
• Support for reading MPEG-format video files.
• Enhanced integration between Animation Shop and
Paint Shop Pro, including enhanced multiple-layer export and the
ability to export all or part of an animation as a tube to be used
with Paint Shop Pro.
Jasc Media Center Plus 3 Features
 We have added several great new features and
enhancements to Media Center Plus.  The most significant
product changes are listed below.  For a more detailed
explanation of these features, please consult the Media Center Plus
3 Help file.
• Interface directly with many digital cameras
• Support for TWAIN devices
• Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer
• Add individual files or scan folders to build
• Organize and sort files into albums
• Add keywords and comments to files for fast
• Drag and drop files between multiple albums
• Add URLs to files for quick Web access
 Publish and Present
• Print photos in standard sizes
• Export albums to HTML
• Run a slideshow, complete with background music
• Print contact sheets of your albums
• Link directly to your favorite editing programs
• Use built-in file format conversion option
• Rename images from a digital camera quickly with
batch rename options
• Rotate images without opening other programs
• Play your albums as a screensaver
-Photo Enhancement
Automatically adjust color balance, contrast, and saturation.
Remove red-eye on people and animals.
Restore damaged photos with Scratch Removal Tool.
Adjustable Histogram enhances details without loss of
Automatically improve video, scanned, and overly compressed
Automatically remove noise, scratches, dust, or specks and
improve crispness and impact.
-Business/Home Graphics
Vector shapes, lines, and text now support gradients,
textures, and patterns on the stroke and fill.
Brushes now support gradients, textures, and patterns.
Align, distribute, arrange, group and resize vector objects.
Create and save custom-styled lines with dots, dashes, and
Create and save custom shapes for reuse.
Position more precisely with snap-to grids and guides.
Experiment with over 25 new artistic and lighting special
-Web Design
Create professional-quality GIF animations with Animation
Shop 3.
Preview graphics in various Web file formats in up to three
New PNG optimizer for high Web performance.
An Image Mapper and Image Slicer with javascript rollover
creation support.
-Productivity & Ease of Use
Repeat last command feature.
Quickly identify and select with thumbnail previews of
Picture Tubes, Gradients, Textures, Patterns, and Preset Shapes.
Navigate easier while in Zoom mode with the Overview Window
Protect critical work with customizable Auto-Save.
Easily view your adjustments with proofing, autoproofing, and
reset options on most dialogs.
Animation Shop will provide the tools you need to easily add
banners, animated buttons and other cool effects to your web site
and to create effective business presentations.
Used as a standalone program or as a complement to Jasc Paint
Shop Pro is a great communication tool that helps you stand out
from the crowd on the web or in presentations - and get your
message across in a fun, interesting way.
The cd requires no serial number, it is a straight install, cd
comes in a paper sleeve. This will run on Windows98/ME/2000/XP and