Item Description
Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP Paco million woman perfume 80ml Origin: France. Packaging: The new seal.

Provocation, luxury, fantasy, humor, understanding of Paco Rabanne is a key to the world. From custom apparel to clothing, from accessories to perfume, he shows an endless supply of ideas. The talented genius like rebellious escape taboos, reject conventions, its bold fearless stunning. Skilled in the design of the master, whether man-made amber or metal, mesh fabric or gold, can create a noble, brilliant women's fashion ... ... of course, including the most precious immortal diamond. "The charming fragrance million sportsman, on a adventure trip now, his friends he came forward, she was a charming and elegant young women, appeared to Jiaoqiao weak, but personality sexy hot. million Hong women like diamonds shine every angle. through the magic of aromatic extract, fresh flowers before the intense flavor and tempting taste of wood in a perfect blend. "Paco Rabanne's fashion design as a starting point, to show the infinite wealth of creative energy. He's using a variety of reflective metal sequins clothing material, always in fashion and cutting-edge, full of unique personality. Eternal, passionate, bright, very charming and beautiful diamonds, the designer will always be the only choice, it is synonymous with the desire and passion. Only diamond and gold enough to compete, only one million women can mix and conquer million Hong fragrance. Million women are just like a bottle of incense outside the diamond, there is no fixed base, but all can be placed on any surface. Pale gold metal cap showing the beauty of simple structure