Item Description
This rare film is offered on a single layer DVD+R disc in
NTSC format. (PAL Format is also available - please
specify!) Please be sure your player accepts this media
before purchasing this item.
Synopsis: The future is controlled by
mega-corportations. Aram Fingal is a computer programmer for
Novicorp. And he's bored. When he's caught watching
"Casablanca" at his desk, Fingal is ordered to undergo
rehabilitation therapy called 'doppling' (in which patients have
their minds transferred into the bodies of animals for a new
outlook on life). Unfortunately, Fingal's host is killed and
when the technicians get ready to transfer Fingal's mind back to
his body they have a problem: the body is missing. Fingal's
mind is then transferred into the computer while personnel
frantically search for his body. Fingal, meanwhile, does some
re-programming of the computer, with some interesting
results. 1983: Canadian, made for television.
Running time: 84 minutes.
Also included on the disc: bonus production
The transfer was made from a perfect VHS tape. The
quality is good..
Please see the frame grabs for quality.
Added note on the Quality of the Print:
The quality of this item was determined by the methods used
in the intial production. Some of the long shots are sharp &
clear, the majority of the close action is somewhat blurred. Done
for WNET Channel 13 (PBS station in New York City), what you see is
what was broadcast.
The disc comes with full colour label & artwork and ships in
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Please note: This film is in NTSC format. If you
prefer PAL format, please let me know and I will convert the disc
(with bonus features) for you at no extra cost. If you don't
specify formats, an NTSC disc will be shipped.
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This title is out of print and believed to be in the public
domain. It is not currently available in either VHS or DVD
formats commercially.
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