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Over 100 Books on DVDrom on Mythology, Gods, Legends and Myths

Contents of DVDrom - Books Mostly Scanned from the Originals into PDF Format:
The Mythology of all Races Volume 1 - Greek and Roman by Louis Gray 1916
The Mythology of all Races Volume 3 - Celtic and Slavic by Louis Gray 1916
The Mythology of all Races Volume 6 - Indian and Iranian by Louis Gray 1916
The Mythology of all Races Volume 11 - Latin American by Louis Gray 1918
The Mythology of all Races Volume 12 - Egyptian and Indo-Chinese by Louis Gray 1920
A Book of Famous Myths and Legends 1901
A Hand-book of Mythology by EM Berens 1894
Stories from Heathen Mythology and Greek History For the Use of Christian Children by John Neale 1847
Myths of Hellas - Greek tales by C. Witt 1903
Star Lore of all Ages; a collection of Myths, Legends, and Facts concerning the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere 1911 by William Olcott
Sun Lore of all ages, a collection of Myths and Legends concerning the Sun and its worship by William Olcott
Roman History and Mythology by Henry Sanders 1910
Greece and Babylon, a Comparative Sketch of Religions 1911 by Lewis Farnell
A Smaller Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mythology, and Geography by William Smith
Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race TW Rolleston 1911
Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race by MI Ebbutt 1920
Classical Mythology in Shakespeare by Robert Root 1903
A Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, Mythology, Religion 1891 by Oskar Seyffert
Manual of Mythology: Greek and Roman, Norse and Old German, Hindoo and Egyptian Mythology 1893 by Alexander Murray
The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop
Myths & Legends of Babylonia & Assyria by Lewis Spence 1916
Fairy Tales, Legends and Romances Illustrating Shakespeare and Other Early English Writers by Joseph Ritson 1875
Heroines of History, Heroines of Mythology, of Shakespeare, of the Bible by Frank Bristol 1914
Tales of the Gods and Heroes by George Cox 1863
Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity, with their Influence on the Opinions of Modern Christendom by Samuel Sharp 1863
Kings and Gods of Egypt by Alexandre Moret 1912
Ancient Egyptian Legends by M. Murray 1920
The Gods of the Egyptians by EA Wallis Budge 1904
A Catechism of Mythology; Containing a Compendious History of the Heathen Gods and Heroes by William Darlington 1832
Jewish Fairy Tales and Fables 1908 by Gertrude Landa
Jewish Fairy Tales and Stories by Gerald Friedlander 1918
The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg Volume 1, 1913
The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg Volume 2, 1909
The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg Volume 3, 1909
The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg Volume 4, 1909
Stories of Indian (Hindu) Gods & Heroes by WD Monro 1912 
Hindu Gods and Heroes by Lionel Barnett 1922
Legends of Indian Buddhism by E Burnouf 1911
The Age of Fable, or, Beauties of Mythology by Thomas Bulfinch 1855
Legends of Charlemagne or Romance of the Middle Ages by Thomas Bulfinch 1862
Gods and Heroes of old Japan by Violet Pasteur 1906
Myths of China and Japan by Donald McKenzie 
Tooke's Pantheon of the Heathen Gods 1823
The Mythology and Fables of the Ancients Volume 1 by the Abbe Banier 1739
The Myths of Mexico & Peru by Lewis Spence 1913
The Great Dionysiak Myth Vol. 1 by Robert Brown 1877
Teutonic Mythology by Jacob Grimm Volume 1 1882
Teutonic Mythology by Jacob Grimm Volume 2 1882
Asgard Stories, Tales from Norse Mythology 1901 by Mary Foster
The Nine Worlds, Stories from Norse Mythology by Mary Litchfield
Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas by Hamilton Wright Mabie 1900
Norse Mythology Or The Religion Of Our Forefathers Containing All The Myths Of The Eddas by RR Anderson 1879
Myths and Legends of Christmastide by Bertha Herrick 1901
Indian Myths and Legends of the Aborigines of American compared with those of Other Countries by Ellen Emerson 1884
Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends by Mary Eastman 1915
Myths and Legends of the Sioux by Marie L. McLaughlin 1916
Sacred Myths of the Manitou by Ernest Whitney 1892
British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions by Wyrt Sikes 1880
Stories of Gods and Heroes by Thomas Bulfinch 1920
The Age of Chivalry; or Legends of King Arthur, King Arthur and his Knights, The Mabinogeon, The Crusades, Robin Hood by Thomas Bulfinch 1884
Egyptian Mythology by Max Muller 1918
Creation Myths of Primitive America by Jeremiah Curtin 1898
False Gods - The idol Worship of the World, a Complete History of idolatrous worship throughout the world, ancient and modern, describing the strange beliefs, practices, superstitions, temples, idols, shrines, sacrifices by Frank Dobbins
Curious Myths of the Middle Ages by S Baring-Gould 1876
The Dawn of Astronomy. A study of the Temple-worship and Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians 1894 by Norman Lockyer
Christianity and Mythology by John M Robertson 1910
Tammuz and Ishtar: a Monograph on Babylonian Religion and Theology by Stephen Langdon 1914
Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions by TW Doane 1882
Myth, Magic, and Morals: a Study of Christian Origins by FC Conybeare 1910
Alsea Texts and Myths by Leo Frachtenberg 1920
The Chaldean Account of Genesis, containing the Description of the Creation, the fall of man, the deluge, the tower of Babel, the times of the patriarchs, and Nimrod: Babylonian fables, and legends of the gods; from the cuneiform inscriptions by George Smith 1876
A Christian Wreath for the Pagan Deities - An Introduction to the Greek and Roman Mythology by FA Rowden 1820 (first 149 pages only)
Tammuz, Pan and Christ; Notes on a Typical Case of Myth-Transference and Development by W. Schoff 1912
The Christ Myth
by Elizabeth Edson Gibson Evans
Bel, the Christ of Ancient Times by Hugo Radau 1908
An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh by Morris Jastrow 1920
The Semitic Gods and the Bible by De Robigne Mortimer Bennett 1912
The Great Law: A Study of Religious Origins and of the Unity Underlying Them
by William Williamson 
The Evolution of the Idea of God: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Religion
by Grant Allen 1908
Jesus: Myth, Man, Or God: Or, The Popular Theology and the Positive Religion ...
by James Martin Peebles 1870
Folk Lore/Superstitious Beliefs in Scotland with an Appendix Showing the Probable Relation of the Modern Festivals of Christmas, May Day, St. John's Day, and Halloween to Ancient Sun and Fire Worship 1879 by James Napier
The Fathers of Jesus: A Study of the Lineage of the Christian Doctrine
by Keningale Cook - 1886
The Mythical Interpretation of the Gospels: Critical Studies in the Historic...
by Thomas James Thorburn 1916
Isis and Osiris, Or, The Origin of Christianity by John Stuart Stuart Glennie 1878
The Eternal Christ: Studies in the Life of Vision and Service
by Joseph Fort Newton - 1912   
Antiquity Unveiled: Ancient Voices from the the Spirit Realms Disclose the ... 
by Jonathan M.] [Roberts - 1894
Pagan Christs: Studies in Comparative Hierology
by John Mackinnon Robertson 1903
Christ Lore; being the Legends, Traditions, Myths, Symbols, Customs & Superstitions of the Christian Church 1902 by FW Hackwood
Religion and Myth by James MacDonald 1893
A Short History of Christianity
by John Mackinnon Robertson - 1902
The Antichrist Legend; a Chapter in Christian and Jewish Folklore with a prologue on the Babylonian Dragon Myth 1896 by W. Bousset
The Sun and the Serpent, a History of Serpent-Worship 1905 by CF Oldham
On Prehistoric Traditions and Customs in Connection with Sun and Serpent Worship by John Phene 1875
The Origins of Christianity by Thomas Whittaker 1904
Sex Worship, an Exposition of the Phallic Origin of Religion 1909 by Cliff Howard
Religion in the Heavens, or Mythology Unveiled by Logan Mitchell 1881
The Childhood of Religions, embracing a simple account of the Birth and Growth of Myths and Legends 1875 by Ed Clodd

The Gods (1872) Robert Green Ingersoll