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This is the largest set of episodes available. I made this set, and if someone else is selling it, it is a copy of mine. Includes the episodes listed: Season 1 101 Evie's Thirteenth Birthday 102 Playing With The Power 103 The Nightmare 104 Till Then 105 Evie, Get Your Basketball 107 Evie and the Young Astronauts 108 Fifties Mom 109 Dueling Mayors 110 Baby Talk 111 Beano's New Diet Clinic 112 Uh, Oh Here Comes Mother 113 The Anniversary 115 Pen Pals 116 Broadway Danny Derek 117 Mosquito Man the Motion Picture 118 The Russians Are Coming 119 AKA Dad 120 The Illness 121 The Box Is Missing 122 Boy Crazy 124 I've Got a Secret Season 2 201 Evie's Birthday Wish 202 Blast From The Past 203 Career Crunch 204 Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot 205 Evie's First Kiss 207 Old Flame 208 Guess Who's Coming To Earth 209 Go West, Young Mayor 210 Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind 211 The Incredible Hunk 212 Pupils Court 217 Two Many Evies 218 Futile Attraction 219 Beano The Kid 220 Queens For A Day 222 Whose House Is It Anyway 223 Frisky Business 224 Star Dog Season 3 301 Evie's Sweet Sixteen 302 Cinderella Evie 306 Evie's Driver's License 308 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 309 Around the World in 80 Minutes 311 Evie-Stevie 312 The Rocks That Couldn't Roll 314 Four Men & A Baby 315 Evie's Double Trouble 316 The Garden Of Evie 317 Evies Magic Touch 318 Cowboy Kyle, Man Of Granite 320 Evie's Yuppie Love 321 Diamonds Are Evies Best Friend 322 A Kinder, Gentler Mayor 323 My Mother The Con 324 Goodbye, Mr. Chris Season 4 401 New Kid On The Block 402 My Little Evie 403 Forget Your Troubles 404 A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read 406 Best friends 407 I Want My Evie TV 408 Come Fly With Evie 410 Evies High Anxiety 411 Evies False Alarm 412 Marlowe Vice 413 Evie's Latin Touch1 414 My Mom & Why I Love Her 415 Hecks Angels 416 Would You Buy A Used Car From This Dude 417 Evie Nightingale 418 All About Evie 419 Mayor Evie 420 Stump Your Neighbor 421 Evies Three Promises 422 Too Late For Evie 423 Educating Kyle 424 Evie's Eighteen


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The shows I have for sale are fan-made sets offered on a collector to collector basis. I do swap, but I am looking for very specific shows. I also have many shows I am unable to list, so if you are looking for a particular show, feel free to ask.

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