Item Description
OUT OF THE SHADOWS (TV-1988), color, 102 minutes
This is NOT from a television broadcast!

American Jan Lindsey lives in Athens and works at the American embassy.  Her friend Nikos occasionally stays with her at her flat when he’s in town and she is shocked when, coming home from work one night, she discovers him murdered in the living room.  She soon finds herself caught up in an international art smuggling operation and falling for the handsome British detective, Michael Hayden, assigned to the case.  Even though Jan has become the police’s prime suspect in the murder, Michael believes she is actually the key to the whole puzzle and, possibly, the next victim of the murderer.
Charles Dance - Michael Hayden
Alexandra Paul - Jan Lindsey
Michael J. Shannon - Frank Osbourne
David de Keyser - James Bluminfeld
Wanda Ventham - Liz Bennett
Gregory Karr - Spiros Martis
David Sumner - Andreas Voustas
John Grillo - Markos Togas
Petro Fyssoon - Costas Angeles
Grant Russell - Nikos
Andreas Andreopolous - Takis

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