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Oswald is an American children's cartoon series on Nick Jr. about a blue octopus and his friends

The complete Oswald collection of 26 episodes on 5 DVD R disks with DVD case & case artwork with an Excellant 9 out of 10 video quality.
Item is supplied on a DVD R disks that is compatible most any playing devices.

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Episode List:

Episode 1: Rollerskating/I Guess You Never Know
Episode 2: Sleepover/Big Banana
Episode 3:Leaky Faucet/Catrina's Birthday
Episode 4:The Polka-Dot Umbrella/The Marshmallow
Episode 5:Chasing the Ice-Cream Truck/Camping Trip
Episode 6:Daisy Plays an Instrument/Ball of Yarn
Episode 7:Down in the Dumps/The Birdhouse
Episode 8:Henry Needs a Haircut/Flippy the Fish
Episode 9:Cloud Collecting / Pongo the Friendly Dragon
Episode 10:A Nice Quiet Picnic/The Big Parade
Episode 11:The Go-Kart Race/Autumn Leaves


Episode 1:Daisy and the Duckling/The Double Date
Episode 2:Odd One Out/Goodbye Best Friend
Episode 3:Fixing The Piano/Henry Wants To Fly
Episode 4:The Big Balloon Rescue/Snow To Go
Episode 5:The Naughty Cat/Giant Egg
Episode 6:The Pet Show/Goin Fishing
Episode 7:A Sticky Situation/Tutti-Frutti Pie
Episode 8:A Day at the Beach/Sand Sculpture Contest
Episode 9:The Sniffles/The Broken Vase
Episode 10:Friends Indeed/Sammy Starfish Live!
Episode 11:Job For A Day/Perfect Match
Episode 12:The Tomato Garden/Bird Watching
Episode 13:Catrina's First Snow/The Snow Festival
Episode 14:Weenie Needs A Bath/Hide And Seek
Episode 15:The Biggest Wish/The Stopped Clock