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Richard Estes exhibition poster, a retrospective of the artist showcasing his most important and influential pieces. Size is 57x98 cm (really nice large size)American artist Richard Estes (born 1932) was one of the leading realist
painters of urban genre scenes in the latter half of the 20th century.
Richard Estes' work emphasizes craftsmanship and traditional conventions
of making a two-dimensional canvas look three-dimensional, allowing the
viewer to play the impartial observer, so that the sensation of being
in that scene determines a more subtle mood. He was one of the most
accomplished painters in defining and presenting the urban landscape in a
super-realist style.Estes admired the early 20th-century photographer Atget and 18th-century Venetian vedute
(view) painters such as Canaletto and Bellotto. These artists presented
detached views of their surroundings, sensitive to the particularity of
places but equally concerned with strong pictorial composition. Estes'
paintings are far removed from the powerful Abstract Expressionist
tendency in American painting in the post-World War II period. His
relationship to Pop Art was more complex. He did not share the
light-hearted casual approach of those artists, but certainly relied on
aspects of popular culture in his work.
Richard's mostly worked in oils or acrylics, and in constructing a painting
he moved from the general to the specific. He used color slides in the
studio, but did not project on the canvas as did some other artists. He
did, however, plan on the canvas, first sketching out entirely the
general composition. His work in the studio was one of selection and
organization. Thus, despite the power of the photographic illusionism,
the abstract qualities are strong. The thoughtful viewer is sensitive to
forms and shapes, as much as to the tactile quality of the surfaces and