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This item comes from my personal collection, and transfered to DVD for you from an original digital cable aring. All rights belong to OWN and The Oprah Winfrey Network. I'm only sharing this for those who were unable to see it during it's original airing, and would like to review it, use for educational purposes, and share with others.

This iOffer is for a 5 DVD set (Oprah Master Class) (10 Episodes).

Featured Artist:

Oprah (Epsiode 1 and 2)

Jay Z
Simon Caldwell (American Idol)

Reba McEntire
Jon Bon Jovi

Goldie Hawn
Grant Hill

Lorne Michaels (Creator of Saturday Night Live)
Diane Sawyer

This item comes from my personal collection. I do not own or claim any rights to said material. I have many items saved to DVR, and I receive many request for items that I do have saved. It is my hope that I may share it with you in order to educate, promote and share that which has influenced or inspired me.

I will transfer the items to DVD for you, remove all commercials, include them in a protective plastice sleeve, with a printed label of content, for your archiving purpose, and to refer to content at any given time.

I do not charge for the actual content (I do not own it), the price is based on the gathering of the content (transfering to DVD, editing out the commercials, postal charge, and iOffer fee)

All proceeds that I recieve from any of my Oprah DVD items will be used to help fulfill my dream of furthering my education. Oprah wants us all to live our best lives and follow our passions. Thank you, and God Bless You.